Music for Choirs
PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VIEW THE SCORES. Prices indicated are per copy made from the PDF.
Song Description Price
Bound for South Australia. A challenging version of this Australian folksong with a jazz-style ending. SSATB or SSAA or TBarBarB $2.00
Advance Australia Fair (National Anthem) A sweet version of this famous anthem. $2.00
Waltzing Matilda (optional additional didgeridoo) A popular new tune combined with the original and Queensland versions, along with Aboriginal chant. SSATBarB or SATB or TTBarB
SSAA version sold by Mark O’Leary:
Click go the Shears. A new tune and a new groove to this exciting folk song.SSATBarB or SATB or TTBarB or SSA with piano. $3.00
What do we do with a Drunken Sailor? A rollicking classic folk song - this one will keep you on your toes! Versions with or without guitars. SSATBarB. $3.00
Cockles and Mussels. This gorgeous tune has some added vocal effects to finish. SSATBarB.  Versions with guitars, or with piano, or with piano and oboe. $3.00
Waly, Waly. A classic tune in an easy-to-sing arrangement. SATB With piano. $2.00
Lament for the Boat People/Skye Boat Song. A combination of a mass and a folk song, this piece laments the death of ‘boat people’. SSATBarB with guitars. $3.00
Shallow Brown. This English classic folksong is arranged for 6 voices. Versions with or without guitars. SSATBarB. $3.00
Blow the Wind Southerly. An English folksong. SSATBarB with guitars. $3.00
The Cuckoo. A quirky folksong about the fickleness of men. SSATBarB with recorder. $3.00
Love is Born (Michael Leunig poem) An ecstatic new composition based on the Leunig poem. SSATBarB with piano. $3.00
Dome. A challenging and ecstatic piece about a fire which destroyed the Exhibition Building in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. SSATBarB with piano or SSAA with piano. $3.00
Kyrie. A simple and beautiful arrangement of this liturgical text. SSATBarB a cappella version, or with string quartet, or with organ. $3.00
Agnus Dei. A gorgeous setting of this liturgical text. 5 parts (SATBarB) and soprano solo. A cappella version, or with piano, or organ, or string quartet. $3.00
Bee Ba Bee (contains improvisation). This score allows you to devise your own piece, depending on the capacity of your group.Flexible parts. $2.00
Silent Night. A slow funk version of the classic for a 4-part jazz sound. SATB or TTBarB. $3.00
We Wish you a Merry Christmas. A challenging arrangement of this Christmas classic complete with the sounds of ice-skaters. SSATBarB $3.00
Away in a Manger. A rich and sweet version of this carol. SSATBarB. $2.00
The Darkest Midnight. Ancient and mysterious, this rarely-sung tune is reworked with vocal effects. SSATBarB $3.00
A Christmas Lullaby. A new tune to the words of Silent Night, this is a popular choice. SSATBarB with piano accordion. $3.00
Twinkle, Twinkle little Star. A reimagining of this children’s song with a modern groove.SSATBarB or SA with piano. $3.00