Music for Young Voices


Prices indicated are per copy made from the PDF.

Song Description Price
Dome. A challenging and ecstatic piece about a fire which destroyed the Exhibition Building in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. SSAA with piano. $3.00
Bee Ba Bee (contains improvisation) This score allows you to devise your own piece, depending on the capacity of your group. Two or more parts $2.00
Advance Australia Fair (National Anthem) A sweet version of this famous anthem. SSAA or TBarBarB $2.00
The Cuckoo. A quirky folksong about the fickleness of men. SA with flute (or recorer) and vibraphone. $3.00
Waltzing Matilda (optional additional didgeridoo) A popular new tune combined with the original and Queensland versions, along with Aboriginal chant. TTBarB. SSAA version sold by Mark O’Leary: $3.00
Click go the Shears. A new tune and a new groove to this exciting folk song. TTBarB a cappella or SSA with piano. $3.00
Herb Soup A jazzy song about the joys of making soup. Two-part treble with piano. Sold by Mark O’Leary: $3.00
Silent Night. A slow funk version of the classic for a 4-part jazz sound. TTBarB $3.00
Twinkle, Twinkle little Star. A reimagining of this children’s song with a modern groove. Two-part treble with piano. $3.00
Sacred Lotus. A song with only two words, this is a meditation on the beautiful Sacred Lotus flower (Nelumbo Nucifera). Unison to 3-parts treble with piano, unison to 3-parts treble with piano and cello. $3.00

Easy songs:

Terrible Twoʼs. Ever felt that there is too much political correctness in the world of child-rearing? Then this song is for you! Unison. $1.00
Fuzzie Aussie. A children’s song about the fuzzy, prickly, spiky plants in the Aussie bush. Two-part treble with piano. $1.50
Giant Tree Cannon. A simple round about tall trees. Up to 4 parts treble. $1.50
Es Schneit! A German round about the snow. 4-part round. $2.00
Walawaani Njindiwan An Aboriginal song which wishes the hearer a safe journey. 3-part treble with percussion (rainstick and hand clapping) $2.00
Sea Song. A happy pop song about the joys of being on the sea! Two-part treble with piano. $2.00
Snow Haiku A simple Japanese song about falling down in the snow. Two-part treble with piano. $2.00
Too slow! A song which starts slow and speeds up with each repetition - a simple song about tempo with piano. $1.00
Squiggle Squaggle. A song for pre-schoolers about wanting to swim. $1.50
Sleepy Teddy. A simple song for toddlers. $1.00
Happy Panda. A song about a contented panda with piano. $1.50
The Dynamic Song. A simple song using louds and softs. $0.50
The Note Value Song A simple rhythm with semibreves, minums, crotchets and quavers. $0.50
Boom Sha-Ka!. A song with piano by Nicole Thomson about the grooviest guy in town! $2.00